I can’t even remember how it all started… I was interested in so many things, trying to keep everything in my mind, to be able to remind myself of every significant experience.

Unconsciously, I started to sketch, then draw and write, using letters and signs clear and understandable only to myself.

Living in an artistic family which supported all the aspects of artistic expressions, through the childhood, school and many cities I lived in, it was hard to reach the objective critics. My desire to share my work with other people rose with every day.

The real eruption of art sensations starts with my attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje, in 1983. Then all the valves of my interests became clear… unobstructed… and just started to create by feeling.

Drawing was my basic structure, but soon it started to branch out into many spheres, different but interconnected.

Up to date, except drawings, I have been working on designing the stage costumes, fashion costumes, furniture constructions, theatre set scenery and photography which became inevitable in artistic expression.
All my observations, loves, sadness, joys and knowledge I have been trying to put somewhere, to give them a character and a costume, to make and keep them alive.