IllustrationWhen I first saw the Aida’s works, I thought that I quickly, in a flash, so to speak, understood Aida’s personality. No matter how careful a man can be to stay away from fast inference, this is not the worst way when it comes to recognition of artistic personalities. To understand the artwork or artist is nearly the same as feel the creation and its creator. Something feels right now or never. When I saw Aida’s works I thought, here’s a woman artist …
She is a painter who has found a final and complete expression, which can be seen primarily in daring lines, where the struggle of intellect and sensibilities can be felt.
There is no monotony in her work and it is far from painting in the series, from stage to stage, where a certain speed and ease in the painting procedure can be felt.
Aida presents her spiritual and emotional world as confessions, revealing itself in terms of form and content full of originality.
Her world of motifs is wonderful, where realistic and dreamy are intertwined.
Aida creates presentations of animals and people in their simplicity and contrasting composition, her lines form an impression of harmony, both peace and turbulence, the inner balance of the painter itself.
Through the lines she draws the rhythm pulsates as imperishable thought of the unity of man and nature.
Aida’s paintings combine the harmony and contrast, light and dark, high and low, old and new, turning them into spiritualized life reality.
To these findings, which are undoubtedly of the higher quality, it seems that she came through contact with modern artists, but after watching her work is easy to see that the impact is processed and lived through.
Aida is both modernist and classic, and has in herself something sophisticated, stylish, free, spontaneous, deliberate, rational and instinctive. This diversity, complexity and contrast create the artist whose works are recognized and remember.