A fashion collection, designed by Aida Novosel Savić, titled “The key of time” could be understood as a stylish time machine that takes us, shortly, to the baroque period which is known by color domination.
The dominant colors, this time, are black, ocher, dark blue, purple and red – palette which is not distractive but has been a characteristic of gentle but influential emphasis in the fashion world.
Evening dresses are made of silk, decorated with lace and embroidery, with petticoats decorated with beads. Collection is composed of both commercial everyday models and extravagant and festive pieces. Despite all the modesty which fashion stylization offers, the designer tried to keep a touch of glamor that both hides and reveals a magnificent touch of femininity.

Jacobs Fashion Selection AwardsThis collection is an extension of the previous Hero collection. It embodies gentle abandonment of a rigid cliches and escape to a variety of colors and designs.
The diversity of colors, lines and shapes takes us into the world of unlimited combinations.

HeroFashion story about universal hero – a truly brave person ready to sacrifice everything to serve a higher cause.

Respecting personal origins-aida-novoselRespecting the roots and the origins, one can find its base, both for life and for his own creation. Geoffrey Parr, a painter from Lancaster, and Aida Novosel, a fashion designer from Belgrade, wanted to highlight both sides through this creation, and also the consideration of individual men in the world of fashion today. Their intention was also to remind the timeless traditional values. Creating a strictly men’s collection, Aida Novosel emphasized the place of today’s man in the world of fashion, as well as in any other part of life. The performance of each of 30 models is designed as different, independent story.

Jacobs Fashion SelectionHonor to close the Jacobs Fashion Selection had Aida Novosel with her collection Back Stage. Priority is given to the eternal male models in black and white. The designer suggests men shirts made of light materials, and satin dresses for ladies. The dominating colors are white, brown, cream, gray, and metallic with a smooth transition to warmer shades like burgundy.

Belgrade Fashion FairCollection City was awarded with Silver Hind.